Daniel S. Fink

Consulting, Coaching, Counseling

Develop a shared vision for you team.

Accomplish your team’s mission.

Enjoy working with your team.

Does it sometimes feel like your team gets stuck trying to pull a project in opposite directions?

Let’s find the pieces of the puzzle that each team member brings to the table.

Your team can accomplish great things when they work together.

Strong relationships will sustain your team’s work together.

Worried about taking medication?

Struggling with a cocaine habit?

Is alcohol impacting your relationships?

Interested in reducing the harm from your substance use?

Feel like you are living disconnected lives?

Tired of the yelling and arguing?

Feel like you are unable to communicate?

Losing sleep over relationship issues?

Feel like you have nobody to talk to?

Do you feel depressed and overwhelmed?

Do you sometimes have suicidal thoughts?

Counseling might be a useful support.